October 2, 2009

queen of hearts

My friends have come to refer to me as the "Queen of Hearts" because in reading/discussing our cases, I have expressed some pretty strict ideas on punishment for criminals and tortious actors. They think I have a very "off with their heads" mentality. What can I say, I have the prosecutor perspective, rather than that of a defense attorney (*cough* Matt). It's actually really great that Matt and I have opposite views on things because that way we get a dynamic grasp on the issues by talking through our different take on things (example: why the Court impose one rule or standard vs another...last night, we had particularly good convos on the Courts' decisions on forcible rape and the resistance requirement).

In other news, it has been a splendid Friday indeed. Matt and I watched a couple episodes of TrueBlood, then we went to dinner with Sarah, Brennan, and their friend Patrick for some delicious Indian food. Now, for a bottle of wine and some more TrueBlood. Life is good. Classes are good. Next week (week 5), will make the 1/3 mark of our 1st term of law school. Week 6 we have midterms in Contracts, Crim Law, and Torts. Ahhh!

Oh also, last weekend, I bought a kitchen table w/ 4 chairs, a dresser, and a nightstand from Ikea. My hero, Matt, assembled most of the furniture for several hours while I assembled my nightstand (two movies and an episode of Project Runway worth of furniture assembling). I also bought a fabulous red couch, which is being delivered tomorrow. I'll post pics and/or video once I get the couch.

Happy Friday!

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