October 16, 2009

midterms: mission accomplished

I took my last midterm (in Criminal Law) this afternoon. I will never again, in my law school career, have to take another midterm. Woo hoo! All students have midterms in Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law during their first term. Surprisingly, surviving this week was not as terrible as I expected. I didn't lose too much sleep and my study groupers provided ample comic relief. I just can't believe I've completed my first series of law school exams.

Time seems to be flying by! We just completed our sixth week of classes. I'll be home visiting for Thanksgiving in one month. I booked my ticket home for the winter break, yesterday. And what's even more incredible is the amount of material that we've already learned and can just rattle off to one another. We actually sound like we might know what we're talking about. It's crazy to think that in two months we'll be taking our finals and our first term of law school will be done. Ok - that's enough for now. It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed with the prospect of finals.

Besides the conquering of midterms, life is so amazing and fantastic. I feel much more at home than I thought I would living in a new state and being so far away from family, and I know a HUGE part of that is the wonderful friends that I have made. My apartment is slowly starting to come together, one piece of furniture at a time. We actually moved my kitchen table into the living room this week so that we had plenty of surface space for each of us to be studying in the same area. We (Matt, JB, and I) were spread out amongst my desk, couch, and kitchen table, and we deemed the living room the "war room" for the duration of studying for midterms.

And I'm loving the beautiful fall season. I recently went around my neighborhood to take pictures of the school and capitol. The park across from my apartment had the most beautiful display of fall leaves. Here are some pictures from that recent "walk about."

park across the street

Cooley Center Building

Temple Building (part of Cooley)


fall foliage

fall foliage

fall foliage

fall foliage

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