December 8, 2009

last week of my first term

It's the last week of classes for my first term of law school. Last week, we wrapped up all the substantive material in our classes and read our last set of cases. This week, each of our professors is doing a review of all the material learned over the past 13 weeks. Then, next week, we have our FINAL EXAMS! I can't believe I'm almost done with my first term. It has flown by. I was just talking to JB today about how we both agree that law school is both very different and a lot more fun than we could have ever imagined.

So it's time to hunker down for the battles ahead and make sure we really know the material and can recite the "words of art" to show the profs our mastery of the law. It's incredible to think of how much time Matt, JB, and I spent in my living room, aka "the war room," studying this weekend alone. We just have to keep up the hard work for about 10 days and then we're free!...for two weeks :)

My living room: JB using my white board to outline some Constitutional law; Matt studying Torts (my kitchen table has been in the middle of the living room since midterms week)

I'm really excited to come home for the holidays. I didn't go home to Washington for Thanksgiving (first time I've ever had to make the decision to forego a holiday with my family) so that I would have enough time to get some much needed work done and start prepping for finals.