September 19, 2009

house of the living dead

Simply put, this week was rough....

Pre-rough-week stories:
Last week, after the first week of classes, ended in a perfect fashion. First, I met my next door neighbor, Matt, before Criminal Law Friday afternoon. Both of our apartments got buzzed, we opened our doors at the same time and walked over to the front entrance to figure out what was going on. Turns out it was a police officer responding to a call that someone's apartment was broken into (their window was open, someone they didn't know entered through that window, but apparently nothing was stolen). Fyi, we have additional security locks on our windows, at least on the ground/garden level, so that we can have our windows half way open, but then still have locks preventing someone from opening the window all the way open and entering illegally. I feel completely safe despite that little debacle. Plus, Matt is 6'6", so it's like having a body guard across the hall. We now say that "the law brought us together," in more ways than one.

Friday night, I went to the Cooley Honors Society's "Welcome Back to School" party at a local bar. Got to meet tons of cool 1Ls (first years), hang out at a fun VIP table, and dance to my heart's content. It was an incredibly fun night.

Saturday morning (9/12), Matt and I went furniture shopping for my apartment and I found the most beautiful desk, my second piece of furniture (woo hoo!). Later that day, Matt and I met up with our new friend, Jenn (who we call Jenn-Brittany or JB because of her deep longing as a child to be called Brittany), for dinner at the best dining venue of all time, Taco Bell, and then we went to a movie. We saw 500 Days of Summer and it was fantastic, so well done. Loved it.

Story time:
Then, we got back from the movie only to find that the ceiling in my dining nook was gushing water from a crack. There was water flowing onto the top of my fridge and then all over my precious hard wood floors. The water continued to geyser from the ceiling - panic ensued. I immediately called emergency maintenance while Matt and Jenn graciously mopped up my floor that had nearly become a kiddy pool. Thankfully the water tapered off and we waited for maintenance to arrive.

So because of an old pipe giving out above my apartment, the landlord instigated an overhaul of the aged plumbing. There was construction (tearing walls and ceilings apart) in both mine and Matt's apartment starting Tuesday morning and not ending til Firday night. It...was...miserable. Not only was the tearing apart of my apartment and turning off my water all day long for construction a huge imposition to me (I had become accustomed to doing all my homework in the comfort of my apartment), but they unexpectedly had to do work in Matt's apartment (my safe haven) too.

Fun fact: Our apartment building is really old and has lead-based paint under layers of new paint. When they sawed off pieces of wall, guess what was getting blown all over the apartment...lead paint dust particles. Certain things in my apartment were COVERED in this dust (including kitchen appliances). That stuff gets everywhere. I'm now officially paranoid that this fact will somehow be the death of me - death by lead poisoning (it may be irrational, but that's just how I roll).

Anyways, needless to say, neither of us were happy with the whole situation. We were also paying for the fact that we had chosen to have fun all weekend long before the week of classes. Construction + choice to have fun during the weekend = lack of sleep and overall grumpiness. Matt deemed us as the living dead.

By Friday (9/18), it was amazing we were still functioning enough to go to class. The silver lining in all this is that fact that Matt allowed me to invade his slightly more functional apartment for the duration. I was over there for everything except sleeping. I couldn't even shower at my own apartment. *Thanks, Matt, for letting me become your roommate for the week*

The construction is DONE! Hopefully, nothing else busts and I don't die of lead poisoning.

I'm feeling much more human after getting many, many hours of needed sleep last night.

And bonus, I just got the rest of my financial aid money directly deposited into my checking account, which means I can go buy more furniture for my place.

Side note - Two countdowns there are regularly taking place in my head are...
New Moon theatrical release: 62 days from today
Thanksgiving with family: 68 days from today