March 8, 2010

Sasha Fierce

It's been awhile since I posted anything...and at some point I still really want to recap last term of school. But for now I felt it necessary to introduce a new addition to the family.

Last Thursday, Matt and I adopted a bunny at Petco (they were handling her adoption for a local animal rescue, Tiny Paws). She was already named Sasha, so naturally we're calling her Sasha Fierce. We had previously seen Sasha at Petco a couple weeks back when we stumbled in on a mass adoption day. So this past week, when Matt and I popped by Petco to see if she was still there, we knew we were meant to have a bunny.

We're not sure how old Sasha is. She started out as a 4H bunny, but her owner had her spayed and the 4H people freaked out, so they quit. Then, she was a therapy bunny, but her companion bunny friend passed away and Sasha started to have some problems that resulted in her being taken to the rescue.

Sasha's super sweet and loves to race up and down the hallway between our two apartments.

Here's Sasha Fierce...


  1. oh I love her! what were her issues that sent her to bunny jail?

  2. after the other bunny died she started be stressed and to have some bathroom problems, so a vet recommended she be taken to the rescue. but they discovered that all her problems were related to overfeeding. and they think she may have been having problems with the little kids that were around. now, her diet is down to a very specific regime. it's really easy though: certain type and amount of pellets, unlimited hay and fresh veggies.

  3. that's all they need :). Congrats on the new family member/study buddy (study bunny, perhaps?)

    She is a very lucky little lady to have such a great home.

  4. OH MY GOSH! So cute! That is so cool that you are giving her a nice home. It is good that she is spayed too because she should stay nice and friendly as long as you handle her every day. Glad to hear you are doing well. You look really great! Miss you lots!